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Apartments or Houses: Where to Live?

Living in this modern era, there are many choices when it comes to choosing the best place to spend our days and nights. In our always-evolving world, people have high expectations being delivered to them: they will have to study hard, put their best effort while at work, build a decent – if not prosperous – life, and whatever this world defines “success” as. Well, needless to say, to achieve a successful life, people will also need to be supported by appropriate facilities that will enable them to reach their goals. One of them is the place to live in. There are many options when we as people want to look for a residential building: the location, the bucks needed to purchase the place, the facilities/surrounding areas it can offer, etc. These things have then led us into different preferences. Some people may choose to live in a hotel; some others may want to have their own houses, while the rest may feel like they would love to spend their time living in an apartment. Having lived in both a house and an apartment unit, I will now help you to make your choice whether to have your own private yard or share it with your neighbors.

Before you go further into reading my words, keep in mind that there are many aspects that underlie your final choice of where to live. I will start with one, which is the strategically placed residence. A strategically placed residence is like what the phrase suggests: it is strategic, in terms of that it is easy to reach from your workplace, or from the areas where you usually have your entertainment/daily life. In this case, bearing in thoughts the reality of Jakarta itself, we will find that most apartments are now more strategically located than private houses – due to the building of many new apartment units everyday in the area of Jakarta and its surrounding area: Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi, Depok. More and more apartment units are coming in the central of Jakarta, close to business areas and entertainment centres that we spend most of our time at.

The second reason that should help you when choosing your place to live has a connection to the reason stated in the previous paragraph. It is how economically suited your new place has to be, with your financial situation taken into account. Although both cheaper houses and apartment units are being offered and sold every day, you need not to forget that the cheaper houses are usually built in the rural areas rather than the strategic positions in Jakarta. The same amount of money could get you a more strategically located apartment unit than a less strategically located private residence. To cut things short, make sure you spend your money wisely by making it worth it.

The third and final aspect to be considered is the facilities provided by the surroundings of your shelter. Many residential complexes do not have that much of facilities; while in apartments everything is kind of packed into a one whole package. Often in apartments we will see a playground, a fitness centre, 24/7 marts and security service, parking lots, and many more. These facilities are not something that a house usually and easily offers. When being directed back to the fact that this modern world where people are busy with their efforts to live a successful life, living in apartment is surely more supportive to people towards reaching their goals. They do not need to worry about the trivial things because the apartments offer facilities to satisfy all their needs that most houses do not.

At the end of the day, you decide where you want to live. While in this comparison passage I may have made it sound like my preference is more to having an apartment unit, the final choice is still in your hands. You know what your basic needs are, if maybe under some other serious considerations you choose to live in a house, so be it. Make sure you will enjoy it though! (written by Yoshua Yasmin, an English Department student of Atmajaya University, Jakarta)

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