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Learning in High School vs. Learning in College

High school students are usually eager to graduate and continue their study in college. Being a college student seems to be exciting and high school students are impatiently looking forward to it. However, most of the time college students dream of being a high school student back again. “If I could just go back to high school again” is a common expression heard especially in the first semesters of college. What makes both high school students and college students think so? What are the differences between learning in high school and learning in college? Some of the many aspects of differences in learning in high school and learning in college are: the responsibility, the teachers, and the tests.

The first different aspect in high school and college is the responsibility. In high school, your time is structured by the school. You just need to proceed from one class to another of hours of learning in classes, and the classes are arranged for you. You will be guided and reminded of your responsibilities in learning – taking the tests, doing homework and tasks, etc. There is not much you need to worry besides getting good scores. Meanwhile, in college, you manage your own time. You often have time between classes; class times vary throughout the day and evening. You arrange your own schedule in consultation with your adviser. You are expected to take responsibility for what you do and don't do, as well as for the consequences of your decisions. In short words, there is no one taking care of your responsibilities except yourself.

The second different aspect in high school and college is the teachers. Teachers in high school will usually take care of you, remind you of your tasks and homework, provide you with information and learning material, and are often available for conversation before, during, or after the class. Meanwhile, lecturers or professors in college are different. They don’t remind you of your tasks and homework, because it is your responsibility to do so. They will reference the learning material, but it is not their responsibility to provide you with information, instead, you are the one who need to collect information you need. Lecturers in college are usually hardly available for conversations out of class except you make an appointment with them beforehand.

The third different aspect in high school and college is the tests. In high school, tests are frequent and cover small amount of material. Make up tests are available, and if you get low score at a test, you can have a remedial test. Meanwhile in college, tests are infrequent and they cover big amount of material. There will only be two to three tests for one subject in one semester, and your scores matter a lot. There will not be any make up tests unless you need to request one. Furthermore, there will not be a remedial test if you get low score. Instead, you will need to fight for the upcoming test or exam to better the score.

Provided by the differences in learning in high school and learning in college, it can be concluded that learning in college requires more attention and responsibility of the student. Not that learning in high school doesn’t require them, it does, but in a more flexible way. Both high school students and college students need to focus on their study and follow the way of the institution they are in, in order to succeed in their study. (Written by Nita Renanta, a student of English Department, Atmajaya Catholic University, Jakarta)

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