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Example of English Essay

For Indonesian students studying English, writing an English essay can be a burden. Not only do they have to think about the content of the essay, but they also have to put their ideas in the language they are studying. They have to use the correct vocabularies, grammar, and sentence structure in order that their essay can be understood by the readers. Therefore, writing an English essay often becomes a difficult assignment to complete.

In fact, writing an essay is not as difficult as most students think. An essay is a piece of written work which has a systematic structure. When students already know and understand the essay structure, their difficulties will lessen. Before we discuss further about an essay, let’s start by reading one example of a descriptive essay written by Astrid Marcella, an Atmajaya Catholic Universtity student. This simple essay can give us a quick overview about what an essay is and how it is structured as well as how it is organized.


            I believe that everyone has a dream house. A dream house is a house that someone imagines and hopes for as an ideal house. I do have a dream house too. In my imagination, my future dream house consists of three floors: the first floor, the second floor, and the third floor.
             The first floor is divided into several rooms: a garage, a living room, a praying room, a bathroom, a kitchen and a dining room at the back. The garage is wide enough for at least two cars. The living room is in the middle of the first floor and it is a multifunctional room for welcoming the guests and as a place to gather with my family and friends. In the right side of the living room is the praying room. This is the room where I and my prayer community friends could pray together privately. Next to this praying room, there is a bathroom. In the back side of the first floor, there is a kitchen which is connected to the dining room. Here I can cook and dine with my family.
            On the second floor, there is a master room with a balcony, two bedrooms for my children, and a living room. The master room has a private bathroom inside. It is also completed by a set of flat TV and a huge bed. Next to the master room are my children’s bedrooms. In the middle of the second floor, there is a living room with a comfortable sofa and a set of home theatre equipment. Here I can watch my favorite movies with great sound effects.
             The third floor is for a comfortable library. The whole side of the wall is filled by shelves as the place to put my favorite books. This library indulges my desire of reading. I spend most of my leisure time by reading the books while sitting in a big comfortable sofa in the centre of the library. It also has a set of music player to play some classical music. 
            Actually, the most important thing is not about how big or luxury the house is, but about how to make the atmosphere of the house comfortable enough for the whole members of my family. My truly dream house is the house that can make me and my family say “This is our home sweet home.” I wish my dream come true.(405 words)

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