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The Effects of Child Bullying in School

Bullying is an act by the use of power to threaten or aggressively force domination over others. The reasons why people bully others might be because of some aspects such as differences of class, race, religion, gender, sexuality, appearance, behavior, or ability. Nowadays bullying is such a common “culture” which happens in many contexts of human life. This includes school, workplace, neighborhood, and even home. Does bullying have a serious effect if it happens with kids in school? Definitely there are many negative effects of child bullying in school; among others are low-self confidence, school problems, and depression.

First, kids who are bullied will have a low self-confidence. Bullying is commonly full of hurtful sentences which have the purpose to look down on the target directly. For the example, “You are such a stupid boy I’ve ever seen!” This verbal bullying gives pressure to the bullied kids. It is a kind of emotional bullying which will cause damage to the victim’s psyche or emotion. According to the National Center for Children Exposed to Violence, children who are bullied may suffer from low self-esteem, as well as other serious emotional issues such as chronic anxiety and depression. It will be difficult for bullied children to build their confidence because they think their friends look at them as ugly or useless people (negative side), so everyone hates them and they are not able to show themselves confidently.

Second, bullied students commonly have some school problems. The anxiety caused by bullying may make it hard for them to concentrate on school matters such as listening to their teacher’s explanation in the class, doing their assignments, including joining an extracurricular which is also important for their development. Furthermore, they may lose interest in attending school because they are too afraid to meet their friends who often bully them, or they are worried if they act incorrectly at school that might cause more bullying toward them. These days, bullying does not only happen among Junior and Senior High School students but also among Elementary School students. At those ages, it is vital for their mental development. As students, it is important to focus on their school. It is also important to make friend with others in a good way.

The last but the worst effect of all is depression. Because of being bullied, children may have low-self confidence and like to stand apart. It is not because they do not want to play with others but because they think no one likes them and wants to make friend with them. During school break time, bullied students prefer staying in the classroom, eating their lunch box to joining their friends in school canteen or playing around in the school yard. As a result, they will be alone all the time in school, so they cannot share their school problems and have to endure everything by themselves. They cannot express what they feel to somebody else, which will trigger depression. This depression will make it hard to trust others and, eventually, will trigger other mental problems too.

All in all, bullying brings mental damages to the bullied people such as low self-confidence, school problems, and depression. Being bullied or to bully is not good for one’s behavior development, especially kids. So, parents and teachers should pay more attention to students’ behavior in their daily activities in order to prevent this to happen.

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